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Company News

10CBM SHACMAN F3000 Vacuum Sewage Truck To Mozambique


The local customer in Mozambique sent an inquiry through our company's website, wanting to buy a  vacuum sewage  truck to collect, transit cleaning and transportation of sludge and sewage. After understanding the customer's needs, we recommended 10CBM SHACMAN F3000 Vacuum Sewage Truck to the customer, which has large suction power and long suction range, and is especially suitable for the suction and transportation of sludge in the sewers. The customer is very satisfied with the configuration of the vacuum sewage truck, and immediately placed an order. Now the vacuum sewage truck has been loaded and waiting to be shipped to Mozambique.



The vacuum sewage truck is mainly used for cleaning city sewers, pipeline sediments, dead end mud ditch dredging, can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipeline, wall, etc., and can also be used as sprinkler, water transportation and highway flushing, can be used for firefighting in case of emergency. The vacuum sewage truck tank for the round tank, the structure is more compact, can withstand higher pressure to provide greater suction, can be used to collect and clean up the transportation of sewage, sludge. Vacuum sewage truck has the features of high suction efficiency, self-absorption, self-discharge and direct irrigation.



The middle of the tank is reasonably designed with anti-wave plate, which reduces the fluctuation and impact of the liquid inside the tank and improves the stability of the tanker traveling. The whole truck adopts high-quality hydraulic system, the tank, head a die-casting molding, the tank can be back open, double top self-unloading, tank dirt can open the back cover directly dumping, with a high degree of vacuum, vertical suction range of up to 8 meters, tonnage, high efficiency, wide range of uses.



TRUCKMAN AUTO has been established for many years with excellent quality, affordable prices, timely delivery, flexible strategies and excellent service. Our trucks are usually transported in bulk, where the shipping company places them in the hold or on the deck. For vehicles that can only be placed on deck, we are equipped with waterproof tarpaulin to protect them from corrosion by sea water. And we have discounted freight prices, cost-effective, welcome interested customers to inquire.