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Company News

430HP SHACMAN X3000 8x4 Dump Truck To Guyana


The customer from Guyana contacted us through our company's official website, he needed to buy a U-shaped bucket dump truck with bigger and stronger cargo capacity to transport all kinds of materials. After communication, we know that the customer likes SHACMAN brand, according to the customer's requirements, we recommend 430HP SHACMAN X3000 8x4 Dump Truck, and send the relevant pictures to the customer, the customer is very satisfied with it, and immediately paid the deposit. After several months of production, now this truck has been completed and is waiting for shipment at the port to Georgetown port.



SHACMAN X3000 8x4 dump truck cab is equipped with optional air suspension seat, which can play the role of shock absorption and protect the driver's waist. The rear window of the cab is of visual type with ring curtain, which can ensure the visibility and provide a better rest environment for the driver. The fuel tank is made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to generate static electricity, and is more safe and reliable during driving.



SHACMAN X3000 8x4 dump truck uses 13R22.5 tubeless tires of TRIANGLE brand, which has a large diameter and greater passing capacity, more suitable for mining areas and some other relatively harsh working conditions, with strong load-bearing capacity, will not blow out, and is more wear-resistant and durable. TRIANGLE brand after-sales network covers a comprehensive, later maintenance and repair more convenient.



When painting the cargo box, we use the powder electrostatic spraying process. The process uses the electrostatic field at that time, the powder will be balanced adsorption in the surface layer of the workpiece, the formation of the coating structure, and then through the drying oven high temperature baking leveling and curing, into the final with different effects of the coating, corrosion resistance is good, the appearance of a brighter.