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SINOTRUK HOWO 12 Wheel Dump Truck Delivery To Botswana


Botswana customers saw our SINOTRUK HOWO 8x4 dump truck video exported to Zambia, they are very interested in it. He needs to buy one for his construction site transportation. After we have talked with customer and known the customers truck loading tons reach to 50 tons, driving at bad road. Our HOWO dump truck is very capable of meeting the needs of customers, with sturdy chassis, large cargo box capacity and strong carrying capacity.



For this 12 wheel dump truck cargo box, it adopt the Q355 manganese steel. Due to its superior strength, Q355 manganese steel has a significantly higher loading capacity compared to Q235 carbon steel. It can withstand heavier loads without experiencing structural failure or deformation. The claimed loading capacity of Q355 steel being 5 times that of carbon steel suggests its ability to handle more substantial loads. Q355 manganese steel exhibits better impact resistance than Q235 carbon steel. This means it can withstand sudden shocks and impacts without sustaining significant damage, making it suitable for applications such as dump truck cargo boxes that may encounter rough handling or heavy loads.



This SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck adopt the HW19710 gearbox, this is very mature gearbox. The HW19710 gearbox is a 10-speed transmission, which means it has ten forward gears and two reverse gears. The gearbox is equipped with synchronized gears, allowing for smoother shifting between gears without the need for double clutching. The HW19710 gearbox is designed to handle high torque and heavy loads, making it suitable for demanding applications in the transportation and logistics industry.



The tire for SINOTRUK HOWO 12 wheel dump truck also very important, consider the customer will use truck to do heavy duty loading. 12.00R20 radial model tire more better, 12.00R20 tire with good loading capacity and more wear resistant. And the tire quality also no need worry, we only work with famous brand tire factory, such as TRIANGLE, LINGLONG, AELOUS, DOUBLE COIN etc. The quality of these brands of tires, is very consistent and quality is guaranteed.