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SINOTRUK HOWO Mining Dump Truck To Guinea


Guinea customer found us on Google, the customer is working in a large local mining company, now need to buy two heavy-duty capacity, can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions of mining dump trucks for mining work, our salesman combined with the local conditions and customer requirements, recommended SINOTRUK HOWO Mining Dump Truck, the customer watched the operation video of our products are very satisfied, and placed an order.



SINOTRUK HOWO mining dump truck has a larger shape than ordinary dump trucks, with a load capacity of up to 90 tons, which is used for transporting coal, stone and other materials, which can improve the mining efficiency and production. Equipped with WEICHAI 430 HP engine, it is powerful and can operate stably under various harsh working conditions with high reliability, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption and prolong service life.



SINOTRUK HOWO mining dump truck cargo box is made of high quality steel plate, high tensile strength and yield strength, high hardness, impact resistance, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform or break when bearing large pressure, which can increase the service life, and the tail end of the cargo box is warped, so that it can be better balanced when loading heavy cargo, and the back door is installed with anti-swing block, to avoid the paint falling off due to the bumping and other reasons.



Regarding truck rust prevention, we will clean the truck before shipment, spray wax to protect it from rust, and then transport it to the port of shipment after the wax dries. Our truck are usually transported in bulk, and the shipping company will put them in the cabin or on the deck, but in order to avoid rusting of the goods due to corrosion of seawater, we will ask to put the goods inside the cabin of the ship, so that the goods can be protected from corrosion in a better way.