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North Benz 380HP 6x4 Tractor Truck Delivery To Mongolia


Recently year the North Benz 380HP 6x4 tractor truck with its solid chassis, the powerful and very reliable WEICHAI engine is very popular in Mongolia. Our Mongolia customer just got a coal transportation contract and need 3 units tractor trucks urgently to meet the transportation conditions. So he contacted us, hoping to finish the production and deliver to Erlianhot port within one month. We have talked with factory about the customer condition, the factory support us well, only 20 days finish production and delivery to port.



The North Benz tractor truck mainly used for tractor the super link container flatbed trailer, total transport weight reach to 100 tons. The WEICHAI 380HP engine power is very strong, can fully meet the needs of the load. This engine maximum torque is 1600N.m, the maximum torque speed is 1500-1800rpm, the rated speed is 2200rpm, the engine displacement is 9.726L, and the parts for this engine are easy to find in the market, just like SHACMAN and SINOTRUK.



For heavy loads, the North Benz tractor truck adopts the TRIANGLE brand 12.00R20 radial model tire. This is an ideal tire for heavy loads, with high resistance to punctures and cuts. The TR691model was chosen for its tread pattern, taking into account the highland terrain of Mongolia, which provides excellent braking power for climbing and descending hills. See following picture: