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XCMG XC958 Wheel Loader Delivery To Mexico


XCMG XC958 wheel loader is XCMG latest loader, with a gross weight of 18 tons and an operating weight of 5.5 tons, is equipped with a 3.5m3 high-capacity bucket. Our Mexico customer have seen this product on our website and very interested in buy new one to replace his old CAT wheel loader. We quickly contacted the customer and sent all the information about the XC958 wheel loader. Since we have stock now, the customer made payment very soon.



The XCMG XC958 wheel loader adopt the ZF brand gearbox, specific model r is the ZF 4WG160. This is an automatic gearbox, it is also known as an automatic transmission, is a type of transmission system that automatically changes gears without requiring manual shifting. This allows for smoother and more convenient operation of the wheel loader. The gearbox is electronically controlled, meaning that the shifting of gears is managed by an electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU monitors various parameters such as engine speed, vehicle speed, and load conditions to determine the optimal gear shift points.



Whats The Advantages Of XCMG XC958 Wheel Loader ?


1. Engine: WEICHAI engine, the engine rated power 170kW, strong power, with low fuel consumption, low law discharge advantages.


2. Transmission: It adopts ZF brand gearbox and twin-turbo torque converter with large capacity and energy-saving type. The gearbox adopts dustproof labyrinth respirator structure, which effectively prevents the pollution of the gearbox by external dust. The torque capacity of planetary row and clutch is increased by more than 10%, which ensures the machine's better ability to adapt to heavy-duty working conditions.


3. Drive Axle: XCMG's own reinforced drive axle is adopted, with optimized design of the axle shell and enlarged cross-section of the shell, which improves the load-bearing capacity and bending resistance by 10%. The four planetary wheel structure is adopted on the wheel side, which can bear more load evenly and adapt to the heavy-duty working condition.