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XCMG XMR403S 4 Tons Vibratory Roller Delivery To Guatemala


Customer in Guatemala needs to buy a small vibratory roller for road construction on his farm. So he found our website through Google and found XCMG XMR403S 4 tons vibratory roller very suitable for his requirements. We also sent the customer a video of this roller as well as more detailed pictures to show them how to maintain as well as operate it. We also recommend the use of containers for roller shipment, which saves freight costs and protects the machine.



It is worth mentioning that this small vibratory roller is equipped with a Perkins brand engine. The customer said that this engine is the same model as the tractor engine on his farm. The quality of the engine is very reliable and he can buy the spare parts at the nearby spare parts store, which is very convenient for maintenance. The power output of the Perkins 404D-22T engine can vary depending on the specific application and configuration. It is designed to provide sufficient power for the operation of the XMR403S vibratory roller.



Why Customer Choose XCMG XMR403S Vibratory Roller ?


1. Operating Weight: The XMR403S has an operating weight of 4.1 tons, which makes it suitable for light to medium compaction tasks.


2. Vibratory Roller: This machine is equipped with vibrating drums that provide compaction by applying dynamic forces to the surface. The vibration helps in achieving better compaction and densification of the material.


3. Surface and Edge Compaction: The XMR403S is designed for surface and edge compaction in asphalt engineering, cement engineering, and other similar projects. It can effectively compact the surface and edges of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, bikeways, and other areas.


4. Sub-base and Base Compaction: In addition to surface compaction, the XMR403S is also suitable for compacting sub-base and base materials. It can efficiently compact sand, gravel, and other granular materials used in the construction of roads and foundations.


5. Versatile Applications: The XMR403S is a versatile compaction machine that can be used in a variety of construction projects. It is ideal for parking lot construction, road construction, sidewalk construction, bikeway construction, and various road maintenance projects.