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Industry News

What Are The Benefits Of Installing The Air Deflector On A Truck ?


When a heavy truck is driving, the biggest expense is fuel. Many truck drivers are often concerned about how to better save fuel while ensuring heavy cargo. The fuel consumption is related to the engine. I believe many drivers must know the connection between them. In fact, it is not only related to the engine, but also to the drag coefficient of the vehicle. This requires us to install a deflector for the truck.


The main function of the air deflector is to effectively reduce the air resistance and fuel consumption of the truck at high speed. This time we will focus on the top deflector and side deflectors.


-. The Function Of The Top Air Deflector.


When the vehicle drives forward, it will encounter various resistances, including rolling resistance, air resistance, climbing resistance and other resistances. The role of the deflector is to reduce air resistance. As the vehicle speed increases, the air resistance of the vehicle increases. When the vehicle reaches 100km/h, the air resistance can reach 40% of the total resistance. For a specific resistance situation, you can refer to the following picture.



After installing the air deflector, the general truck can make the front and top of the truck flush with the truck compartment, so as to effectively reduce the air resistance. General long-distance tractors are recommended to be equipped with such a deflector.



-. The Function Of The Side Air Deflector.


The function of the side air deflector is to shorten the distance between the tractor and the trailer, so that the drag coefficient can be reduced when the vehicle is traveling at high speed. In high-speed driving, the side deflector suppresses the formation of vortex and can fully complete the heat dissipation of the engine. Therefore, the fuel-saving effect of the side deflector on the vehicle is very obvious.


Experiments have shown that every reduction of 0.03 in the drag coefficient can save 2% of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers per vehicle. The installation of the top side deflector and side skirt baffle can reduce fuel consumption by 2% to 5%.



Now all our SINOTRUCK truck head could install the air deflector, if truck head need pull container trailer, 100% suggest choose the air deflector. Here is some picture for your reference.